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The staff at Reproductive Biology Associates acknowledges that making the decision to seek infertility care and treatment can be overwhelming. The points listed below will hopefully make your first visit less stressful and intimidating. Remember, we are here to help you achieve your goal of parenthood!

What to Expect at Your New Patient Visit

  • We encourage you to bring your spouse or partner to the initial visit. It can be extremely helpful to have them available to ask questions and generally understand a potentially complex treatment plan. However, we do not require that your spouse or partner be present.
  • Although our entire focus is on helping you have children, we cannot have children in the exam or consultation areas. Please arrange for a babysitter or daycare prior to your visit.
  • Remember to bring any important medical record copies.
  • If possible, please bring either the original or a copy of your actual HSG x-ray pictures and operative photos/videos for your doctor to review.
  • Please bring all of your prescription medication bottles so we can confirm your medication dosages.
  • Be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes before your scheduled new patient appointment time to become oriented with our office layout and complete your paperwork.
  • After obtaining your vital signs, weight and photograph, you will meet with your doctor in their private office. A full medical history will be obtained and we will also focus on you and your spouse's family and genetic histories. If you or your spouse are uncertain about your family's medical history, please feel free to contact other family members prior to your visit to obtain any information about possible inherited conditions.
  • In most cases, you should expect to have a full physical examination performed by your doctor on the day of your first visit, even if you are menstruating. The examination will include a breast and pelvic exam.
  • At the completion of your visit, you will have a full explanation of your possible diagnosis and we will provide a detailed treatment plan. Your consulting physician will put you in the hands of a highly trained and skilled staff of nurses and medical assistants to start you on your course of treatment. Your nurse will give you written instructions pertaining to the tests and/or treatments your physician has ordered, and be sure you understand them fully. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have during the course of your physician or nurse consult.
  • The same process described above applies to patients coming to RBA for IVF services, with some exceptions. Once your course of treatment has been determined we will arrange for you to have a consult with an IVF nurse. The IVF nurse will provide thorough instructions on the pre-cycle testing required. She will give you written instructions on when to begin your medications and demonstrate how to mix and administer them.  We strongly encourage your spouse or partner to be present for these very critical instructions.
  • Many male patients and male spouses who have had a prior semen analysis may need to have one repeated in our lab to obtain more accurate results. Semen analysis testing can be scheduled on the same day as your partner's first visit for convenience sake. However, if you want to have this test performed you must inform us in advance so we can give you appropriate instructions and be certain that a technician will be available to analyze the sample.
  • In 3-6 weeks a follow-up visit will be scheduled for you to review the results of all ordered tests and discuss and/or modify your original treatment plan. We are now ready to move on to the active phase of realizing your ultimate family building goals!
  • Prior to completion of your new patient appointment, you will speak with a member of the business office regarding your insurance coverage and fees for services. [More Financial Information]

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