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Money back guarantee program, multi-IVF cycle discounts, and patient financing options

RBA is committed to providing our patients access to the highest quality care in a cost effective manner. As a world leader in the development of groundbreaking infertility technology, we leverage our technological advantages in order to minimize the cost of care. We also offer creative financial options in order to make our services as affordable as possible to our patients.

A prime example of how RBA’s technological breakthroughs can reduce cost is the RBA Frozen Egg Bank. The RBA Egg Bank allows us to provide frozen donor egg cycles with success rates equal to fresh donor cycles for $17,000…that’s roughly half the cost charged by traditional donor programs. For more information about this groundbreaking program, visit the egg bank website at

In order to provide creative care options for our patients, RBA has partnered with Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC) in offering both multi-IVF cycle discount packages and an IVF money back guarantee program. We currently offer both two and three cycle discount packaging.

The “Two Cycle Plus” package includes up to two standard IVF cycles and if needed, up to two additional frozen embryo transfers.

The “Three Cycle Plus package includes up to three standard IVF cycles and if needed, up to three additional frozen embryo transfers. This package price is determined by the patient's age and medical factors.

In addition to the standard “Three Cycle Plus” package, RBA and ARC offer this program with a “Guaranteed Baby Option”. Best of all…ARC offers convenient financing plans for all multi-IVF cycle packages. For more information about these exciting programs, contact the RBA business office at (404) 459-3491. You can also visit the Advanced Reproductive Care website at or call 1-888-990-2727 to complete a program application.

RBA also has financing options available for patients who are not utilizing an RBA/ARC discount IVF package, but desire to finance their care. RBA currently partners with the following finance providers:

For more information about patient financing, please contact the RBA business office at (404) 257-1900, or refer to the websites listed above.

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Money back guarantee program, multi-IVF cycle discounts, and patient financing options
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